Invest in The Essential Theatre


Why give? For over 30 years the company has strived for artistic excellence by presenting quality theatre presentations. Help to provide us a vibrant future. The Essential Theatre is one of a disproportionate few culturally specific theatre companies in the Washington, DC region and North America.

  • It is of utmost importance that we exist to serve as a shining beacon of inspiration and invitation for future theatre makers. Your support assists our position as a springboard to a quality outlet for emerging talent to work alongside more seasoned professionals from a seldom seen point-of-view.
  • We continue to provide free/reduced priced performances for in school students and out of school activities for youth, families and community members.
  • We make every attempt to host opportunities for people at every income level to attend live professional theatre by removing financial barriers that can preclude financially challenged individuals from attending live, professional theatre.
  • Because we make every attempt to keep our ticket prices affordable; only 12% of ticket income supports company operations.